The Liberia Pharmacy Board was established by an act of legislature in 1966-67 (Public Health Law of Liberia, Ch. 67), as a specialized body of the Liberia health sector serving as the directing and coordinating Authority for the practice of pharmacy in Liberia.


The Board sets standards and policies in the pharmaceutical sector (especially the retail pharmaceutical sector); which ensures that the personnel in the sector are trained, qualified and registered, that the pharmaceutical entities/premises in the sector are of good standard and registered, that the general populace receives the best pharmaceutical care, etc.


According to the Act that established the Liberia Pharmacy Board, there are five members; A representative from the Pharmaceutical association of Liberia (PAL), A representative from the Liberia Medical Association (LMA), Two (2) pharmacists representing or in private practice, and the Chief Pharmacist of Liberia as representative from the Ministry of Health (MOH).

However, as a tradition, over the years the Board has been operating with seven (7) Board Members, the two additional members; a lawyer from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), and a representative from the School of Pharmacy. The Board members meed every last Thursday in the month. They also meet on emergency basis when the need arises.

The Board members meet to discuss matters relative to the pharmaceutical sector of the country; the Board's provision of better pharmaceutical services to the country, and or the practice of pharmacy.


The Board was established to ensure that every pharmaceutical entity (especially the retail sector) and pharmacy professionals operating in Liberia meet the needed requirements for safe practice, improved productivity, efficiency, and professionalism.


In addition to the Board Members that meet on monthly basis, the Liberia Pharmacy Board has a secretarial that runs the day to day affairs of said authority. The present offices of the authority are in Boker's Building, Airfield New Road, Sinkor, Monrovia.

The secretarial is managed by a staff of professionals, headed by a licensed pharmacist known as the Registrar of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The registrat has an assistance (a Deputy Registrar), who is also a licensed pharmacist.

The secretarial has three major departments; Administrative, Inspectorate and Finance Departments. In addition, there are other sub- units/departments; Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation, etc.

These departments are manned or headed by qualified personnel ranging from pharmacists to non-pharmacists (but qualified in their own area of speciality).

Presently, the total workforce of the board is twenty-one (21) personnel; that includes pharmacists and non-pharmacists.

The board is making effort to decentralize from the Monrovia base in Montserrado County to other parts/counties of the country.

In this light, the board had established a sub-office in Ganta, Nimba County, with two (2) pharmaceutical inspectors posted, teaming up with the pharmacists of the Nimba County Health Team to carry out major activities of the board when the need arises.


The Liberia Pharmacy Board has the following functions:

* Administers examinations for the qualification of graduate Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians/Dispensers who have completed the requirements for licensure. 

* Registers and maintains the register of all Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians/Dispensers practicing in Liberia 

* Supervises and controls the ethical behavior of Practicing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians / Dispensers in Liberia. 

* Ensures the continuing professional development (CPD) of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians/Dispensers in Liberia 

* Sets standards and defines requirements for establishing and operating retail pharmaceutical outlets throughout the country 

* Inspects retail pharmaceutical outlets for annual registration, documentations, condition of premises and qualifications of Pharmacy Technicians/Dispensers in stores throughout the country 

* Inspect dispensaries, provide in-services training for dispensers charged with the handling of pharmaceutical products/equipment Issues permits to retail entities annually Evaluates curricula and issues annual permits to pharmaceutical training institutions 

* Advises the Minister of Health on the Practive of Pharmacy in the Country.

Continuing Professional Development