Professional Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct For Pharmacist / Professionals

All of the following are considered as professional misconducts:

  • Obtaining the license fraudulently, or by misrepresentation or other unlawful means;
  • Practicing the licensed profession fraudulently, beyond its authorized scope, with gross incompetence or with gross negligence;
  • Practicing the licensed profession while the ability to practice is impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical disability, mental disability;
  • Being habitually drunk, or being or having been addicted to, dependent on, or a habitual users of controlled substances and other drugs having similar effects, if such condition impairs his/her ability to practice his/her profession;
  • Knowingly permitting, adding or abetting an unlicensed person to perform activities requiring a license;
  • Practicing the licensed profession while the licensee has willfully failed to renew his/her license;
  • Committing unprofessional conduct as defined by the Liberia Pharmacy Board in regulations.
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