Training Institutions

There are two(2) dispensing schools and one(1) pharmacy school in Liberia:

  • The Pharmaceutical Dispensing School (PDS)
  • Arthur Lewis Dispensing School (ALDS)
  • The University of Liberia School of Pharmacy

The Pharmaceutical Dispensing School (PDS) and the Arthur Lewis Dispensing School (ALDS) offer certificate program for dispensers/pharmacy technicians. The course requires two(2) years of studies. At the end of the program, graduates complete one year of internship and sit the Dispenser State Board exam administered by the Liberia Pharmacy Board for licensure to practice as a licensed dispenser.

The University of Liberia School of Pharmacy offers B.Pharm Degree after a period of four(4) academic years.

Upon graduation, the Board takes over the graduates and users them into one(1) year of internship, evaluation and monitoring. The Board administers the State Board exam to those who successfully completed their internship for licensure.

All State Board exam candidates who made a pass then registered with the Board to practice as a licensed and registered pharmacist in the Republic of Liberia.

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